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Wellness Consulting

The health of your employees directly affects the success of your company. Cowan can help you customize and implement a wellness initiative specially designed for your workplace.

Wellness programs can improve your bottom line by increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism, and lowering costs in health care, workers’ comp, and disability management.

According to the Wellness Council of America, every $1 invested in wellness programs saves $3 in health-care costs.

Successful wellness initiatives require strong support from executive leadership, proper alignment with operations, and a workplace culture that supports healthy lifestyles and positive health changes.

Cowan works with clients on programs ranging from simple wellness policies to comprehensive, outsourced programs.

We have helped clients implement carrier-based solutions like HumanaVitality or BlueCross BlueShield’s Well+Wise at Work certification program. Cowan wellness programs also take advantage of specialty tracking tools like PROPEL Wellness.

Cowan has participated in national training and educational programs at the Cooper Institute and the University of Michigan and sponsors seminars and workshops with leading national wellness speakers.


• Assess current culture
• Set wellness objectives
• Conduct health risk assessments
• Program and track fitness activities
• Develop wellness incentives
• Link incentives to benefits plan
• Provide educational materials
• Create and train a wellness committee
• Partner with physicians for onsite coaching
• Provide ongoing support and evaluation

Call Us (855) 942-6926