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The Cowan Advantage

"Many insurance brokers are motivated primarily by sales. At Cowan, we have always been driven by a passion for excellence in client service. Whether your company employs two people or 20,000, we have the experience to give you an edge."

- Richard Girdler, Vice President, Brokerage


Highly respected in the industry, Cowan consultants are sought out for various industry forums. President Matt Cowan was a member of the Actuary Technical Advisory Group to the State of Tennessee to advise during its insurance exchange evaluation.

Highly Qualified

Cowan consultants are among the most experienced in the field, having spent their careers leading and growing successful insurance companies and benefits consulting firms.

Compliance Experts

Cowan’s compliance team, including the president, senior consultants and outside ERISA counsel, meets weekly to review significant legal developments affecting the benefits industry. 

Early Adopters

Cowan was one of the first companies to offer services such as fully outsourced benefits administration, online benefits administration systems, and consumer-driven health plans.